A neurotic Asian American actor is about to give up on his dream, then meets his dream girl. Of course… there’s a hitch.


Thirty-five year old JUJU DING has been living in Los Angeles for the past ten years as one of thousands of aspiring actor-writer-directors at the bottom of the Hollywood ladder. His life is ordered and comfortable – but empty. All of this changes when he meets PENELOPE SONG, a spunky thirty-three year old whom he falls for hard and fast. Meanwhile, his sloppy friend EVAN GOH shows up unannounced after splitting up with his wife. His apartment only becomes more crowded when Juju’s MOM and DAD arrive – an elderly couple still deeply in love and who are in town for Dad’s urgent operation. With all four adults crammed into a one-bedroom apartment, Juju’s life rapidly goes downhill – the pilot he thought he booked wasn’t a real pilot, his agent fires him for being ungrateful, Penelope stands him up and goes cold, and he suffers a breakdown while caring for his ailing parents. However, this also gives him the opportunity to get rid of his facades and move into a more genuine chapter in his work-in-progress of a life.


Director’s Statement

I wanted to tell a boy-meets-girl story that resonates with audiences about those times in our own lives when we rediscover what love is really about in an unexpected, bittersweet but ultimately more meaningful way. ​

Technical Specifications

96 minutes, USA
Color 16:9
Shot on the Panasonic GH3